Calculate YouTube Earnings CPM, RPM, and Revenue

YouTube for a long time guys and I kind of picked up on a lotof how the money works on YouTube .I said that because I know a lot about you trying to help out YouTube Regina how much money can I really expect her not always answer the question I get asked but here’s a video hopefully help her out how, many bring it down a notch. I’m also going to talk about the video that make the most money and it’s going, to make sense later on but we’re going to get to the channel: there’s some Anno 2070 I talked about in my last video, that was an awesome game.

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I want to cover a little bit so here’s the second part of the video that I want to see. The first part of this let’s check out the other before this this is not going to talking about it. I know it’s there and go ahead and try to break him so let’s go right into the first thing here it’s going to be complicated I apologize this is like my 3rd time according this way or even forth but it’s just because it gets .Complicated trying to calculate your views it’s not even complicated it’s just explaining it gets complicated. I’m going to just roll with it this time if it’s just not something that’s easy to explain use all the time, in the YouTube industry and really any monetization.

I guess industry that really used commonly CPM as you probably heard of RPM .I was very confused by just a couple months ago because I never heard it before but RPM is correct term for a thousand ,I’m at the end there I know it doesn’t actually $54,000 but in Latin .It does so that’s what that is that RPM for  CPM stand for cost per thousand but RPM YouTube Money calculator makes more sense in this is why because you’re not going to be getting the coffee and cost there are the beginning cost.

youtube CPM calculater

Doesn’t just go to you that’s a lot of cuts before you for instance once the ad is actually running your channel .Let’s say that pad is worth $20 4000 per thousand, Impressions which is really nice that’s a $20 CPM or RPM that is actually a cut from YouTube,

What’s an undisclosed cause they don’t really see how much they take out but that’s fine, because they’re the ones that are getting as a service writer, make any sense nobody really how you know that work . I’ll talk about why there are some in the past but that facebook Network’s most likely not unless you’re a big fish or a great negotiator and that works going to take a cut .Maybe it’s a percentage cut like a lot of people doing these days or maybe, it’s just a locked-in CPM and you’re guaranteed to make 345 bucks from your videos paragard less there’s a lot of cover for you so it doesn’t make sense.

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