Five Important Components To Build A Rock Solid SE0 Website

Course on WordPress search engine optimization one and ;we’re going to begin with the introduction and the quick overview so are you ready to understand how to make your rankings ; stick and understand the fundamentals that don’t necessarily change now before we do that I want to talk about mindset because I’m a big believer that.
if you’re in the right mindset before you implement this process then your likelihood of speeding up the process and doing it successfully is higher now a lot of marketing strategies come and go the ones that are often the ones that stay and stick are boring and overlooked, and that’s why they are overlooked .

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Just keep that in mind that as long as you’re willing to do what is boring and can sconce tally think about ;how to make your users experience a good one everything else is going to follow facebook now.
What I want to do is give you a quick overview of the video course itself, so you know exactly what to; expect and that way when you implement the process that local SEO 2017 will just make more sense this is video number one .
Number two we’re going to talk about the intent of:

word press search engine
a keyword now the reason why we want to do this before we get the keywords is that a lot of people generally speaking though type it in a keyword tool . They’ll get a bunch of keywords, and then they’ll just begin to try to rake on them that is a big mistake and the reason.

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being is because if you don’t know why somebody types in a keyword where they are in the process of buying whether they’re researching whether they’re comparing whether they really don’t know what they’re buying or if they do know; what they’re buying is going to be a lot easier to convince them so knowing the intent of the keyword is crucial third.
We’re going to talk about getting keywords and understanding LSI and I’ll talk more about that acronym in that particular video, but at this point we’re going to get keywords, and we’re going to be using a free tool video number 4 we’re going to talk about on page optimization basics, unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on optimization regarding.
their website itself such as how do you make your website search engine friendly so that when the search engine comes to your website they know exactly.

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