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Welcome everyone this is Chris from England with another special English video for the teaching English language page on Facebook and learn English as ;easy as pie thanks as usual too much WB for sharing this week in many countries around the world valentine’s day will be celebrated on ; Thursday.

discuss valentine’s day because; it’s quite important and then to talk about a lot of vocabulary and expressions to help you when discussing things to do with love and romance.

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Where i have written many notes to help you understand this lesson, and firstly we are talking about valentine’s day it is celebrated on Thursday the 14 February and every year it is on that date the 44 February the story about Valentine’s Day comes from Rome I believe I don’t know for sure but I’ve researched it.

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i hope it is correct and there was a bishop in Rome who illegally conducted marriages in the name of love which was against the Emperor’s wishes 2017 valentines day  and this Bishop became very infamous and was arrested because of its eventually he was executed but he fell in love with the jail’s daughter and before he died he gave her a note which said from your valentine.

it was his name that’s why he wrote that but this is a very passionate and tragic story about love and I guess it is easy to see why the celebration has arisen around that story that is how valentine’s day apparently came to be and that link there i put from the big machine gives you more details about;

it that is worried about it and in modern times it has become a celebration on the fourteenth for couples and not everyone likes it ; I I’ve spoken to many girls who say all that you know love is special everyday we do not need this one day to celebrate a relationship.

But it is normal for people to do maybe something small like gifts gifts and greetings cards to each other so Ford up with if the man forgets due to give his his girlfriend or wife something he might be in trouble and it will be on Thursday the 14 of February let’s now look at some vocabulary then so we heard in the story that the person who died was cool Valentine me right from your Valentine and people describe each other as this on the particular day so you can say.

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If you write a card for example to my Valentine or from your Valentine and words you know sinister laughter on love like to my love my darling to my sweetheart and other more informal words people use to describe each other .
When they’re in love things like honey or baby if you like to use those and fine if you don’t any problem and in a relationship you can have a girlfriend-boyfriend wife or husband that that’s easy to understand i’m sure spouse means when you are married it can be either the wife or husband can refer to male or female so if you’re married you have a spouse partner can mean you’re married or not married to a man or woman your ex-girlfriend ex-boyfriend ex-wife ex-husbands describes.

A person you had a relationship with bits it’s now finished your broken up Beyonce is the person you are engaged to it means you are going to get married and another half your better half describes the person you love can be married not married whatever now i want to talk about a long list of useful and colloquial vocabulary and expressions please join me reading through the list if you need to so romance for court in this context i’m talking about them as verbs.
if you romance someone caught someone means you try to do them go out with someone is one of the most common modern phrasal verbs so if people are in a relationship before they get married they can be described as going out some examples she went out with that ex-boyfriends four months they’ve been going out for a while now will you go out with me .

if you are attracted to someone you want to ask them on a date you can say that will you go out with me flirt describes the behavior when

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